Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery risk mitigation can be an unknown for many organisations. Modern Slavery can occur in your own business, your supply chains, your supplier base and associated brands making this an important area of focus.

We can help you measure your organisations maturity in this area and support you to build a robust set of activities to help reduce the risk of Modern Slavery, protecting this very vulnerable group of customers, and your business reputation.

Why we're expert?

  • 4 years of experience managing Modern Slavery risk mitigation

  • Fighting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Certification - ACMS

  • Safeguarding for Trustees Certification- Hertfordshire Community Foundation

  • Modern Slavery - Open Learn from the Open University

Our Services

  • Modern Slavery risk mitigation management programme development

  • Modern Slavery Organisational maturity/Capability assessment

  • Modern Slavery employee training

  • Investigation process development

  • Proactive risk mitigation activity development

This video shows how easily Modern Slavery can occur.